Sector responds to election result

The surprise General Election result could exacerbate existing uncertainties for councils, according to a local democracy think tank.

Jonathan Carr-West, Chief Executive of LGiU said: “After an election campaign overshadowed by two terrorist outrages the most important thing is that democracy has run its course and in safety.

At the time of writing it is not clear who will form a government or how. For councils this will exacerbate some existing uncertainties. Questions around funding and social care grow more urgent month by month and have continued to do so over a prolonged period of local and national electioneering. These issues pertain directly to vital public services and we trust they will not be forgotten in the negotiations that unfold over the coming days or weeks.

At times of national uncertainty we should never forget that local government provides continuity and stability. People will still be cared for, streets will still be swept, children will still be protected. Because whatever happens in national politics, local government carries on.”

An interesting blog on the General Election results and local government can be found here.

From a technology perspective, Julian David, techUK CEO commented: “Decisions that will have to be taken over the next five years will shape the UK for generations to come. The new Parliament must come together to face the significant challenges not only of Brexit, but rapid global digitisation.

“To thrive the UK needs to be at the forefront of countries that are inventing the future, not just by leading in innovation and the use of new technologies, but by enabling the economy to adapt and people to flourish. This will require some big thinking and some bold policy making. It is vital that the UK remains an open and dynamic economy in which tech businesses of all sizes can be the engine of inclusive growth.”

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