Agilisys announces new cyber security advisory service

Agilisys has announced that it has established a new alliance with Company85 and IT Governance to deliver a suite of cyber security advisory and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) services and has already successfully delivered its first cyber-security engagement.

The cyber-security landscape is complicated and this new alliance brings together industry leaders to help organisations address the challenges presented by cyber-security and the incoming GDPR. With digital transformation and budget constraints now being seen as the ‘new normal’, being able to demonstrate continuing professional management and security of citizens’ personal data is of paramount importance.

Steven Beard, chief executive at Agilisys said: “We are delighted to combine our expertise with two renowned industry practitioners to help public sector organisations achieve cyber resilience.

The creation of this alliance combines Agilisys’ strong track record of delivering digital transformation services to the public sector with IT Governance and Company85’s independent expertise, external validation and comprehensive suite of cyber security and GDPR solutions.

It is a unique service offering, specifically designed for the public sector and will help organisations who are struggling to navigate the complex landscape of advice and technology to ensure that their organisation’s defensive and data protection measures are effective and sustainable.”


Holistic approach

Alan Calder, founder and executive chairman of IT Governance commented: “We’re delighted to join forces with Agilisys to provide a holistic approach to data protection and information security, and help organisations manage and achieve compliance with industry standards and laws. By merging our practical expertise with Agilisys, we can provide local government organisations with complementary and integrated solutions to reduce the risk posed by cyber threats and avoid the financial penalties associated with data breaches under the GDPR, as well as achieve and maintain compliance with the regulation.”

Bill Trim, director and co-founder at Company85 added: “GDPR is more than just another compliance exercise, it is an opportunity for organisations to better understand what data they have, where it is, and what they are using it for. By focusing on people, processes and technology and seeking positive buy-in at executive level, it is possible to see the legislation as a business enabler and income generator. We look forward to combining our cyber and GDPR expertise with Agilisys’ public sector knowledge and experience in this very topical and relevant space.”

For more information about Agilisys’ cyber security solutions and GDPR advisory service click here.

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