Council sets digital transaction target

Pendle Borough Council says it aims to make 65% of customer transactions online over the next five years.

The target was outlined as the council extended its deal with Liberata until February 2030. The . The ten year-long extension, worth £54m, will see Liberata invest almost £1m in a self-serve transformation programme for citizens, employees and suppliers. This, it says, will deliver approximately £4.9m in efficiency savings and enable the committed channel-shift programme to be delivered.

The Council adds that the major digital transformation programme will ensure its services are redesigned to exploit the developments in technology. This will allow it to deliver enhanced services to both citizens and employees with greater accessibility (available outside normal council hours), easier service requests (improved automation of forms, reduced keying) and speedier resolution.

It will also reduce the cost to deliver, therefore ensuring sustainability in the services whilst enabling additional resources to be assigned to enhance the handling of vulnerable citizens and more complex requests.

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