UK government below average when it comes to digital services

The results of the latest International Civil Service Effectiveness Index (InCiSE) show that the UK government is below average when it comes to digital services.

While the UK was ranked fourth overall in the Index – and top for policy-making, openness and social security administration – when it comes to digital services, the UK is still lacking, according to the rankings.

The UK scored just 0.489, compared to a global average of 0.614, placing it behind countries such as Chile, Portugal and Estonia, which topped the index. The rankings are based on four core elements of digital delivery, namely user centricity of services, transparency of service, cross-border mobility of services and the availability of key enablers. However, the Index does not assess “all the services which governments typically provide digitally”, the report said.


Not all bad news

While the UK’s overall score was poor, the report did point to some successes. The UK performs well when it comes to government data availability and accessibility, as well as government data impact and public consultation. It is also ranked second for regulation, “coming top on the impact assessment theme”, the report said.

And for tax administration, which has undergone a major transformation recently through HMRC‘s transformation project, the UK ranks fifth.

Further more the report’s authors suggested that some quick wins are available. “The UK’s scores for the integrity and capabilities indicators may also benefit from further analysis, learning from the leading countries.”

The full report can be viewed here.

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