Local housing provider appoints debt collection service

Shoreline Housing Partnership (HP) has named Agilisys as its collection partner of choice to help target the recovery of former tenancy debt and recharge arrears.

The new partnership between Agilisys and Shoreline HP will allow the organisation to continue to provide affordable housing to more than 8,000 homes across North East Lincolnshire by generating increased revenue through the collection of previously unrecovered debt.

Shoreline HP has been helping people find a home in the North East Lincolnshire area for over ten years. The key criteria they set when selecting a collection partner included maximising the recovery of the debt owed, as well as ensuring that their former tenants, who may be experiencing severe financial hardship, are treated with sensitivity and respect.

Agilisys Revenue Collection is an FCA regulated collections service that helps organisations tackle long-standing debt recovery problems. The service has supported public sector organisations to recover millions of pounds in potentially lost revenues for more than 15 years.

Kim Warren, Housing Manager from Shoreline Housing Partnership, said: “We are pleased to announce that we are working in partnership with Agilisys Revenue Collection who are supporting us in the recovery of former tenant and recharge debt. Working closely in partnership has enabled us to develop a close working relationship with Agilisys and develop a process that will help us meet our business objectives.”

Ian Biggadike, Director of Business Development for Agilisys Revenue Collection said: “We are delighted that Shoreline HP has chosen us as their debt recovery partner. We are looking forward to working with the team to jointly enhance and maximise revenue collection opportunities.  Through our innovative collection approach, we will help create a sustainable income stream for them, based on recovery strategies that are tailored to the needs of their former tenants.”

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