Phone preferred to online when it comes to reporting missed waste collections

New research has revealed that residents would rather contact their council by phone than go online when reporting a missed waste or recycling collection.

The poll of 1,000 adults by Yotta discovered that 41% preferred to make a call from a fixed line phone, while 28% opted to use their council’s website. Only 1% said they would prefer to use an app.

“These figures should give councils cause for concern,’ said Steve White, software business development manager at Yotta. “Environmental services including waste collections are among the biggest areas of interaction between the public and local councils.

“Councils should therefore be encouraging people to move to digital modes of engagement, wherever possible. It’s in line with the Government’s digital transformation strategy that builds on the Digital by Default services already rolled out across the public sector.

“Moreover, using digital channels for both transactional and informational purposes is much less expensive than using traditional channels, with the marginal cost of new service requests via the web being nothing, while the cost of a single service request via phone can be as much as £3 or more per call.”

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