Council looks to ‘technology-enabled care’ to transform health and social care delivery

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council is seeking to drive forward technology-led initiatives that transform the way health and social care is delivered.

The council is seeking to exploit ‘Technology-Enabled Care’, which it hopes will deliver better outcomes for end-users and boost efficiency around health and social economy.

The aim is to make health and social care services work together to provide better support at home, which revolves around using technology to help people with long-term conditions and/or disabilities to administer their own care. In turn, this should ease the much-publicised pressures on GP surgeries and hospitals.

At this stage the council has started an engagement process to discuss with suppliers how technology can be used to deliver enhanced care, with four key aims:

  1. Reduce numbers of GP visits caused by ‘loneliness and social isolation’
  2. Cut A&E admissions from ‘underlying long-term conditions’
  3. Enable sufferers of long-term conditions – particularly respiratory problems – to self-manage their care regime – intervention of professionals will be triggered by automatic alerts
  4. Find technology that helps older people live independently for longer.

The council is also working with the local Southend CCG and South Essex Homes to roll out a pilot where a residential independent living facility is turned into what it is calling a ‘Living Laboratory’. Within the lab various assistive technology will be used ‘to address the issues of loneliness, self-management of long-term condition, and falls’.

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