Q&A addresses the challenges presented by digital transformation

A recent webinar hosted by Agilisys gathered together Shazia Hussain, Divisional Director for Customer Service at Tower Hamlets, David Tidey, Chief Information Officer at Richmond and Wandsworth, and Paul Knight, Managing Consultant at Agilisys, to hear their views on digital transformation.

The local government panel explored the findings of the recently launched The State of the Digital Nation report, and shared relatable experiences of how their organisations are addressing the challenges and opportunities that come with a shift to digital.

Following on from that webinar a number of attendees have asked further questions, which have been answered by Paul on the Agilisys website. Questions answered are:

  1. If you move people online, how do you engage those who still need to pick up a phone due to lack of skills or ability to access your web content?
  2. Very often there are costly failures where digital content has not adequately replaced real people. How do you measure the cost benefit of losing staff?
  3. What role does employee engagement play in assisting digital transformation? Does this create any barriers or challenges to moving forward, considering resource reduction is sometimes an outcome – or positively, when there are new opportunities for employees?
  4. What can be done to directly engage users in your innovations as they are shaped and trialled to ensure that client feedback is inputted into your transformation agenda?
  5. How would you measure digital success? What does good look like and what are the KPIs?

To read the Q&A in full please click here.

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