UK workers want to learn more about cyber security

A survey has revealed that 93% of UK workers believe it would be beneficial for all UK workers to advance their skill set in cyber security as risk continues to grow.

The research by training platform Course Library, which surveyed 1,000 participants between the ages of 18 and 64 about their understanding of the cyber security sector, also found that 39% believe they do not understand enough about advancing cyber security threats.

Furthermore, when asked what they think can be done to encourage people to work in cyber security, almost half [49%] of respondents cited that there should be more education on the subject, while one quarter [23%] believe that there should be more opportunities to train up online.

The survey also questioned respondents on their understanding and attitudes towards cyber security risks, with just 9% believing UK businesses do enough to combat cyber threats, where lack of understanding [46%] and education [24%] are primarily to blame.

Jazz Gandhum, Founder of Course Library, said: “This latest research by Course Library confirms an advancing skills and knowledge gap in cyber security – a somewhat alarming fact when we consider the exponential rate at which cyber security risks are growing.

“Interestingly, the research also confirms a real demand for workers to learn about cyber security risks, whether in a professional capacity for career development or to form a basic understanding for self-protection. Ultimately, education is key here and will help to ensure businesses across the UK have the right skills in-house to combat this growing threat.”

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