GDS plans to speed up decision making and delivery

The Government Digital Service (GDS) is to improve its focus on delivery and speed up processes by organising work into shorter ‘quarter-long missions’ that will last no longer than 11 weeks.

The GDS says this move away from annual targets will result in a more focused approach that will help it better prioritise work and respond quickly and effectively to policy changes and the needs of the public sector.

Announcing the news in a blog post Mark McLeod, GDS product manager said: “We’ve learned that the scope must be flexible. We know we won’t get it right at the start of a mission and the scope will change. We will get better at refining this with every mission. Working in this agile way makes it easier to manage changing scope and deliver value to users early and often.”

GDS added: “It might be the case that a theme extends over the course of the year, but we want iterative and complete delivery every 11 weeks, in case we need to change direction or stop. This will also help us to continually deliver value.

“We believe this length of time is sufficient to deliver the most value. We feel this structure allows us to build and develop products to a stable state, in a responsible way.”

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