East Northamptonshire Council moves to  ‘Digital Concierge’

East Northamptonshire Council, which serves 90,000 residents, is switching to a new cloud-based solution for managing customer interactions.

The council aims to make digital services the preferred method of contact and free up resources for when face-to-face and telephone contact is needed.

Currently, close to 50% of all customer calls to the council are about waste services. Missed Bins will be the first service to move to the Jadu Continuum CXM platform and is scheduled to go-live in October 2017. Bulky Waste Collection and Green Waste services are planned to follow.

“Missed bin collection accounts for over 3,700 transactions a year*, of which only 45% are currently handled online, so it’s a good place to start!” said Julia Smith, Head of Customer and Community Services at East Northamptonshire Council.

“Jadu Continuum CXM gives residents direct access to their cases and acts as a digital concierge to ensure they’re always kept up to date with the progress and status of their interactions with the council. Such transparency will help make digital services the preferred channel, which is important in bringing down costs and freeing up resources for unavoidable contact.”

Specialist ICT projects and programmes service transformation consultancy Entec Si is leading the council’s ICT Transformation Programme, which includes the implementation of a replacement Customer self-service portal and the addition of Paybridge, a national provider of integrated payroll services.

“East Northamptonshire Council has big channel shift ambitions and is pushing forward and making them a reality with the move to Jadu Continuum CXM,” said Julie Smith, Project Manager, Entec Si.

“We’re really excited to be working with both East Northamptonshire Council and Jadu. It has been a productive time for all involved and the project is already at full steam ahead.”

East Northamptonshire Council has used Jadu Continuum CMS and Jadu Continuum XFP since 2008. The council is now adding Jadu Continuum CXM onto the platform.

* The top transactions are currently: Missing Bin Collections: 3,773 per year (45% online), Household Bulky Collection: 1,577 per year (47% online), Garden Waste: 8,925 per year (41% online) and New Bins: 4,352 (17% online

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