Council investigates data breach

Plymouth City Council is investigating a data breach that meant customers could see each other’s email addresses.

The council, which reported itself to the Information Commissioner, is suspending all automated emails until the investigation is complete.

A statement issued by the council read:

We are investigating a problem with an automated email that was sent out yesterday to 218 residents in relation to a Council Tax Reminder or Final Notice.

The error meant all the customers who were sent this email could see each other’s email address but the email itself contained no other content.

We are treating this data breach very seriously and have reported it to the Information Commissioner, as well as carrying out a full investigation into the cause of the error.

We apologise for this error and have suspended all automated emails relating to Council Tax until our investigations are complete.

We have contacted all of the people affected and asked them to delete the email they received. If anyone has any concerns they have been advised to contact us on 668000 for further information and advice.

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