What can the public sector learn from private sector data breaches?

The latest Insight piece written by Agilisys asks what public sector organisations can learn from the high profile private sector data breaches.

Focusing on the much talked about Yahoo and Tesco breaches, the post discusses how the organisations reacted to being hacked and the timing between recognition and reaction.

This is a hot topic right now given that GDPR requires certain breaches to be reported to the relevant authority within 72 hours of awareness. Add into the mix the fact that a ransomware attack can take hold in less than 15 minutes and it’s easy to see why speed is of the essence. Yet, with increasingly vast amounts of data being processed, detection is becoming harder.

The differing speed of response between Yahoo and Tesco is discussed in the post, as is the need for multi-layered security in this ever-changing digital world!

The full post can be found here.

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