Open Data NI launches new challenge competition

Open Data NI is giving students the opportunity to take some of the Open Data available on the platform and get creative with it.

The competition follows the success of its last Challenge competition, which focused on using Open Data for education – you can read more about the winners here.

Open to teams of up to 12 students from post primary schools (including special schools) and from further education colleges, the challenge is to design & create something striking and innovative using at least one dataset from OpenDataNI.

With the help of FabLab, successful entries will get the chance to build their project using the latest ‘cutting-edge’ digital fabrication techniques, such as 3D printing, laser cutting, integration of electronics, etc.

Successful entries will win:

  • £1,000 for their school/college
  • a visit to FabLab to build your idea (all transport and materials costs are covered)
  • the chance to present the winning visualisation at an open data conference
  • the opportunity to have the idea exhibited to the public to help raise awareness of open data

Entries will be judged based on use of open data, as well as on innovation and impact.

Judging criteria and more information can be found here.


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