The ways digital technology can help resolve the social care crisis (Infographic)

With no clearly defined way forward at a national level and with the UK’s social care crisis continually hitting the headlines, Agilisys, in conjunction with Digital Leaders, recently conducted a survey to ask what role digital technology can play in delivering the vital step change our nation’s care services need.

Four key themes emerged from the survey results:

  • Leading digital professionals say lack of digital skills biggest risk to transforming care services fit for the 21st century.
  • Lack of knowledge of digital tools is largely responsible for delays in embracing new ways of working.
  • Believe digital technology could cut costs associated with social care delivery and therefore address the number one issue affecting UK social care today.
  • Digital technology can help local authorities manage both demand (improved customer satisfaction) and supply (improves multi-agency working).

This infographic highlights some of the findings from the survey:

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