Revised GDS Code of Practice released

The GDS has announced an update to its Technology Code of Practice (TCoP).

The updates allow continuous iteration, based on the expectation that the Code of Practice will constantly evolve and better keep up with changes to technology.

Discussing the changes – which are a result of over 40 interviews – John Strudwick, Deputy Director, Technology, Architecture and Standards at GDS said in a blog post that users wanted:

  • clearer language
  • clear, relevant topics
  • additional technology guidance on each topic

“To make things simpler for our users, we have restructured the TCoP and made the language used to convey technical information as plain as possible,” explains Strudwick.

“We’ve also made it clearer how TCoP is used in the spend control process and why adhering to it is important. We hope that this will prevent it from being a tick-box exercise.

“To improve navigation, we’ve used a consistent format for the information in each point. This includes a short definition, a benefits section, how to do it and related information/published guidance list.”


New points

As well as tweaking numerous areas, two new points have been added. The first is a point on data: how we use it and how to make better use of it. The second addition is about privacy and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into force in May 2018. It brings together guidance from the Information Commissioner’s Office and GDPR website, to help share this information.

Technology-related guidance has also been brought together in one place, and it has been broken down by topics.

“We user-tested the topics to refine the navigation and make sure the content was presented in a clear and structured way,” said Strudwick. “The alpha technology guidance navigation tool now has more than 300 pieces of specific guidance from across government, and this will be growing in future. We’ll also be iterating the navigation tool to make the user journey as good as possible.”

The new TCoP is available here.

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