The projects behind Bristol’s rise in UK Smart Cities Index

Huawei UK announced that Bristol has become the UK’s leading “Smart City” in the second UK Smart Cities Index report, overtaking London to the number one spot.

The report commissioned by Huawei UK and conducted by Navigant Consulting, is based on evaluations of 20 cities and their strategies, key projects and general readiness in using digital technology to improve crucial civil services from transport to healthcare.

The index was launched in 2016, with only 10 cities being featured so the updated report highlights the progress being made UK wide in adopting digital thinking across all services.

Perform Green has been directly involved in the required innovation, determination and original thinking that has supported Bristol taking the top spot by working with Bristol City Council on solutions that will help the people of Bristol, while making cost savings and developing new revenue streams for the city.

Bristol’s move up the rankings is directly linked to two key projects that Perform Green are delivering for Bristol City Council.

Project One: Bristol’s Smart Operations Centre Publicly launched on 16 October 2017, the centre plays an important role in managing the daily safety, accessibility and flow of the city through to its Traffic Control, incident management, Community Safety (CCTV) and telecare services. The centre now offers a world class cooperative and collaborative workspace, bringing council and city departments together, to work in a truly integrated manner for the first time. Perform Green have driven the programme from construction and build of the space, to the delivery and integration of the people, technology and services.

Project Two: Bristol Is Open The joint venture company between Bristol City Council and University of Bristol has provided large scale infrastructure for R&D, allowing testing of future technologies at a citywide scale. The focus and drive behind Bristol is Open also attracts tech and creative companies to the region and supports their efforts in developing new ideas, technologies and relationships with the community, to create products that people of a place really want.

Barney Smith, Programme Director for Bristol City Councils Smart Operations Centre through to launch, and Interim CEO for Bristol is Open stated: “By working across both of these pioneering programmes of work we have had to drive an openness around communication, create new ways of working together across departments and reimagine the thinking around how to make both of these projects commercially viable.

“The long-term legacy for the people of Bristol will be to improve their day to day life. From the congestion on the roads or air quality and healthcare provision, this can all be radically improved. The recent Operations Centre launch is the very start of the journey for the city. I am extremely excited about some of the practical ways in which technology will inspire a better living environment for everyone.”

Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol, said about the Smart Operations Centre: “This new centre represents an investment in the safety of citizens and getting the city moving. The challenges we face to beat congestion, support vulnerable people in their homes and secure safer streets require new approaches and new ways of working. By blending state of the art technology and a collaborative approach to sharing operations we’re taking a positive step towards meeting these challenges.”

The Huawei Smart City Index highlights that cities harnessing and exchanging data safely and securely have the potential to make enormous advancements in the fields of healthcare, energy, mobility, education and sustainability. Progression across these areas can provide improved services delivered at lower costs to the taxpayer.

Bristol is increasingly focused on the deployment of innovative, cross-cutting pilots and the integration of successful projects into city operations – this transference into real city operations and creating tangible benefits for the people of Bristol is key to the city overtaking London in this years’ index.

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