Councils co-fund and co-design GDPR and cyber security training

A successful collaboration between CC2i, ten local authorities and BAFTA award-winning film-makers, Matobo, is now delivering council focused GDPR and cyber security awareness training across 32 local authorities, just one month after launching.

This unusual approach to product design saw ten councils from across the UK come together to tackle two of the biggest issues facing local authorities today, namely GDPR and cyber security.

Working with the team behind the BBC’s mandatory cyber training course, the ten councils – brought together by CC2i – co-funded and co-designed the training, to be specifically relevant to local government threats, needs and protocols.


The staff threat

National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) research shows that staff are the biggest threat to cyber security, with 50% of the worst information security breaches caused by unintentional human error.

The resulting training delivers over 35 minutes of high quality content across 12 modules, each lasting three to five minutes. With modules covering phishing, scams, password management, offline security, GDPR and more, the animated, easy to consume approach ensures staff stay engaged.


Council partners

Co-funding council partners are Oxfordshire and North Yorkshire County Councils, Blackpool Council, Manchester, Portsmouth, Cambridge and Sheffield City Councils, Huntingdonshire, South Cambridgeshire and Eastleigh District Councils.

The project got under way in July 2017 with a series of workshops, in which the collaborating councils and the film-makers discussed needs, messages and protocols surrounding local authority cyber awareness.

During August, scripts were drafted and shared with the group for comments, amends and input, followed in the autumn by a process of storyboarding, animation, voice-over and sound design. At each step the participating councils fed into the process and signed off the work involved.

The resulting files can be externally hosted or imported into all variants of learning management systems and/or intranets. A trailer is available to view here.

Mike Greenslade, Information Security Officer at Portsmouth City Council spoke about the benefits of getting involved: “Like all other councils across the UK, Portsmouth was facing an unprecedented number of cyber attacks. The Matobo-CC2i collaboration gave us the ability to work with a leading cyber awareness film-maker as well as other councils facing similar threats.

“Sharing the costs was a key benefit of the collaboration, as was the ability to input relevant messages into the training to inform staff at all levels.”

Steve Anderson at West Lindsey District Council added that there has been some positive feedback from staff since Dojo was implemented: “The feedback has been incredible and staff are already coming up with some great ideas on how to build a complete GDPR and Cyber-Security awareness programme based on the videos and the characters from them.”

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