Department for Transport starts search for Blue Badge transformation partner

The Department for Transport (DfT) has started a search to find a transformation partner to take on the Blue Badge online application process, on behalf of 207 local authorities across the country.

The partner will also be expected to take the Local Authority interface and the single system of record through beta and in to live as part of the £2.7m, 10-month contract.

According to documents released by DfT, there’s a desire to drive forward the Beta phase after the GDS Alpha Assessment was passed in January 2018.

The current Blue Badge service is ending in December 2018. A new online application form, Local Authority interface and single system of record needs to be in place by January 2019.

The DfT says there are circa 3 million Blue Badge holders in the UK. Permits can last up to 3 years, meaning around 1 million applications are made every year. This figure consists of new applications and reapplications. Under the current structure, 207 local authorities throughout the UK administer this scheme.

The new transformation partner will be required to:

  • take the findings from the Discovery and Alpha phases into Beta
  • build a new service
  • transition to a Live Service by January 2019

The documents suggest the work will include exploring further the use of existing Government services, including GOV UK Verify, GOV UK Notify, GOV UK Pay, GOV UK Platform as a Service (PaaS), GOV UK Personal Data Exchange (PDE), GOV UK Attribute Exchange, the Passport Office for Passport photos, and DVLA for Driving Licence photos.

The new solution will also ensure local authority administrators can effectively manage and issue Blue Badges in their area, and that enforcement officers can check the validity of a badge quickly and easily.

The closing date for applications is Monday 19 February.

Socitm’s Better Connected research recently found that Council websites ‘do a particularly poor job for drivers with disabilities’.

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