First Digital Marketer apprentice in the UK achieves a distinction

Arch Apprentices, the pioneering training provider, has announced that the first digital marketing apprentice on the Digital Marketer Standard has achieved the highest award of distinction upon end point assessment. The news comes as the nation celebrates National Apprenticeship Week 2018.

Conor Richards was the first apprentice to start on the new Standard after the government reforms in April 2017. Due to Arch’s commitment to stay on the pulse and adapt to change, the organisation was the first training provider to completely switch from frameworks to standards, making Conor the first to complete in the country. Conor began his Arch apprenticeship with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in October 2016.


Where it all began

Growing up in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, Conor was the only student in his year who did not apply for university. But he had known from a young age that he did not want to go to university after seeing multiple people in his life not achieve their desired careers after graduating. It was when searching for apprenticeships in media (his favourite A-level) that he came across the role with FCA.

Conor commented: “I’m very passionate about digital and media. When I came across this apprenticeship, the working culture of the FCA and the variety of digital mediums the standard covered sounded so exciting to me. I never anticipated working in the financial sector but there’s so many interesting things that happens in this industry – it really is something that affects all of our lives and I find that fascinating.”


Digital is integral for the world of work

The first ever Digital Marketing apprenticeship framework on behalf of the Government was created by Arch in collaboration with Google and Incisive Media in 2013. Arch has now delivered more Digital Marketing apprenticeships than anyone else in the country, holding more than 60% of the market share.

This is integral in a digitally developing world as marketing shifts to a primarily digital format. The UK is facing a growing skills gap and one of the areas most affected is digital and IT. Arch is combating the need for digital skills by delivering industry relevant apprenticeships that are up to date with the current technological advancements.

Arch’s Digital Marketer Standard incorporates either AVADO Learning’s Squared Online course, developed in partnership with Google or their Dot.Native qualifications depending on the level of marketing experience the learner has. These award-winning innovative programmes offer the latest thinking in digital marketing and deliver the essential skills for marketing in a digital world.

As interactive, online platforms, Squared Online, developed in partnership with Google, and Dot.Native, deliver content designed to boost digital awareness across the organisation. Through tutor-led videos, animations, case studies and activities, these programmes teach PPC, SEO, analytics and programmatics, plus much more, to offer an essential toolkit to any digital marketer.


The future

The rate at which technology is developing is making it hard for any academic course to keep up. For so many roles, it is now all about learning on the job. The Digital Marketer apprenticeship enables employees to gain additional skills outside of their day-to-day role and bring these skills back to their team. This makes them a vital member of the team and improves the understanding and development of their colleagues as well as themselves.

Conor has now been promoted to Campaigns Associate, where he’ll be working on digital and data for the FCA’s consumer campaigns. He commented on his achievement: “Thanks to everyone at Arch for their hard work and support throughout my apprenticeship. I couldn’t be more pleased! Thanks once again for everything over the past 15 months!”

CEO of Arch Apprentices, Jason Moss said: “We are delighted to hear the news that our first Digital Marketer apprentice has achieved a Distinction in his apprenticeship. His achievement is testament to Arch’s commitment to being up-to-date and ahead of the curve in our apprenticeship offering. As the world becomes more digital and industries adapt to the change, we look forward to seeing many more apprentices succeed in their careers just as Conor has with the FCA.”

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