Five essential tips for a world class service desk

The award-winning Agilisys Service Centre team shares five top tips to help your organisation deliver an award-winning Workplace Service Centre

Customers are now demanding quicker response times, more visibility, more control and much more knowledge when speaking to customer service teams.

Alongside this, with the growth of mobile devices and the rise of generation Y, customers are now wanting to communicate with a business across more channels than ever and are expecting a consistent level of customer service across social media, web chat, messaging and email.

That means public sector organisations are juggling both new and old systems and ways of working, making requests difficult to manage.

Helping organisations to do just this is the Agilisys Workplace Service Centre, which improves workforce productivity and satisfaction by combining technology with method, people, process and tooling to deliver a superior experience that people will be happy to use.

The work completed by the Agilisys team was recently recognised when it was named winner of the Best Medium to Large Enterprise Managed Service Provider by the Service Desk Institute (SDI), beating 360 other providers from around the world.

Following this success, the award-winning team has compiled five top tips, based on experience, that can be used to help deliver an award-winning Workplace Service Centre:

1. Right people, right team

Creating the right balance of skills, enthusiasm and passion has provided us with the analytical skills to measure performance and the interpersonal skills to engage effectively with our customers.

2. Understand your customers

Building rapport with each and every customer who calls the Service Centre is crucial to efficient problem resolution. The better the relationship we have with our customers, the faster and more effectively we can diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve issues.

3. Create a thriving and rewarding work environment

Creating an environment that demands professionalism but enables people to enjoy what they do creates a productive, detail orientated and enjoyable culture that directly transfers to the way we engage with customers.

4. Disrupt the norm

Constantly pushing boundaries and challenging the traditional view of service desks and their perceived value has driven the team to continuously iterate and improve process and technology to ensure our service is always fit for purpose.

5. Become the leaders

We set an objective to exceed and improve every known industry performance measure to raise the bar and set new benchmarks. This ultimately provided us with the focus and blueprint to deliver a world beating globally recognised Service Centre.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how Agilisys can help your organisation enhance the performance of your IT services to deliver greater productivity and a superior experience, download this factsheet.

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