Waltham Forest rolls out Facebook chatbot


Waltham Forest Council has launched innovative new technology that means residents can now report issues such as fly-tipping and dog fouling on the go straight from their mobile phone.

The new tool means that the resident report will go straight through to the council crews on the ground speeding up response times and ensuring the borough’s streets are even cleaner.

Residents can report quickly and easily 24/7 by visiting the Waltham Forest Council Facebook page and pressing ‘Send Message’ at the top-right of the page. This will open a Messenger conversation with a chatbot, which will guide users through the process of submitting a report.

Once a report has been submitted, citizens will receive a unique reference that can be used to track online. They also have the option to receive updates via Messenger.

Cllr Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “No-one wants to have to spend their time waiting on the phone trying to report a fly-tip or dog fouling. Our innovative new chatbot allows residents to quickly and easily make reports using their smartphones, tablets or computers at any time, from any place. It frees up resources and means we can focus on delivering the great service our residents expect and deserve.

“We’re also asking for residents’ help to track down the litter louts who feel it is OK to dump their rubbish on our streets. By working together we can identify them, issue fines, and send a clear message: This behaviour is not welcome in Waltham Forest.”

The new chatbot is live now, and residents are already making good use of it to report incidents. In addition, the council’s online forms have been reviewed and improved to make online reporting more efficient and quicker.

Last year, the council issued over 1,000 fines for fly-tipping as part of its drive to sustain clean, green and safe streets and neighbourhoods for residents to enjoy.

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