Three-phase cloud migration roadmap detailed in new guide

An all-new, practical cloud transformation roadmap has been published by Agilisys to guide public sector organisations on their cloud migration journeys.

A practical guide to cloud transformation navigates readers through the three phases of successful cloud adoption, namely discover, migrate and optimise, presenting a methodology, checklist and key insights at each stage.

For the public sector, the adoption of cloud is a case of not if, but when, and is accepted as an integral part of digital transformation. Yet, migration is a highly involved project with many considerations and obstacles along the way. Organisations need to navigate the complexity of planning, migrating and operating in a multi-cloud environment, without compromising existing services.

Drawing on real-world experiences of implementing successful cloud solutions for over 35 public sector organisations in the past four years, A practical guide to cloud transformation provides effective, workable solutions to ensure smooth migrations. These include:


Cloud discovery is all about understanding the options and developing a plan that aligns to your organisation’s vision and business objectives. Amongst others this section discusses how to do this by:

  • defining strategy and goals
  • the role of technology assessments and the need for target architecture
  • understanding the impact on target operating models
  • how to build a clear migration plan.


Any organisation moving its infrastructure into the cloud will have concerns about the potential business disruption, the risk to data and the overall cost of the migration. A practical guide to cloud transformation demonstrates how migration can be eased through:

  • detailed design and planning – and how to do it
  • why rationalisation and consolidation is a key part of any cloud migration
  • ways to successfully build and test solutions
  • The handover into operational support


Unlike on-premise services where there are fixed overheads, cloud services can be improved with time and usage data. This phase explores:

  • The value of operational management and how it underpins activity
  • The need for capacity management
  • Why performance and pricing need to be optimised
  • The value of ongoing security

Sean Grimes, Managing Director, Cloud & IT Services, Agilisys explained: “This roadmap has been developed based on Agilisys’ experience of working with more than 30 public sector organisations to bring clarity to the cloud and help people make the right decisions.

“With the right guidance, public sector organisations can make informed decisions that accelerate and streamline the cloud adoption, ultimately building an IT estate that can be managed more cost-effectively and securely.

“Often the most important factor in success is finding the right support in the first place. We hope that this roadmap will guide public sector organisations through the migration process and provide practical advice along the way.”

A practical guide to cloud transformation can be downloaded here.


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