Digital Transformation: Delivering the Vision for Agile, Flexible and Secure Public Services

Start:03 May 18 (in 6 days)
End:03 May 18
Location:America Square Conference Centre

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Outdated legacy IT systems and technologies are slowing down public sector transformation, a radical shift is required in service provision, collaboration, digital skills and data sharing. At Digital Transformation: Delivering the Vision for Agile, Flexible and Secure Public Services learn how to embed the latest digital solutions and ways of workings in your organisation and help redesign better public services and user outcomes.

Delegates will be able to:

  • Explore the new Government Transformation Strategy and how the vision to transform the relationship between citizens and the state will be achieved.
  • Learn how to take a strategic and whole-system approach to analysing the causes of rising demand on public services.
  • Find out how digital innovations and methods can be used more effectively in service provision to improve efficiency and deliver greater value for local communities, places and citizens.
  • Discover new opportunities to reduce service demand, deal more efficiently with avoidable demand and take out unnecessary costs of service delivery.
  • Hear from those responsible for initiating and driving the digital strategy for the UK.
  • Discuss strategies to build a smarter, agile and more efficient public sector.
  • Learn how to develop the right skills, people and culture to drive digital transformation that is focused on improved outcomes for citizens.
  • Hear from experienced practitioners with invaluable knowledge and experience of leading innovative digital initiatives at both local and national scale.
  • Discussing how to make better use of data to improve decision-making and be an enabler for public services.