Can Your CMS Handle Success?

As both central and local government increasingly look to move services online, organisations are finding that their legacy content management systems (CMS) –  many installed before Facebook or the iPhone emerged onto the scene –  are simply no longer able to deliver the service that a modern user expects and are expensive to support, update, and maintain.

It’s now, of course, crucial that government ensures that its CMS supports responsive design so people can access digital services wherever they are, on a device of their choosing.  So where to start when considering options for a new CMS within your organisation?

A new eBook from digital experts Acquia offers an in-depth guide to choosing a new content management system (CMS) to meet the changing needs of national and local government in making services more readily available to citizens in an increasingly digital landscape.

The guide includes an explanation of the rise of digital and the evolution of CMS, examines specific case studies of successful implementation and explores some of the central considerations for choosing a new CMS, including a key requirements checklist.

Download the full eBook below to find out more:

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