Top 6 challenges of channel shift — and how to tackle them

The way that government services are delivered is changing. And although the private sector has had much success with digital transformation — from printing airline boarding passes at home to banking on their phones — the public sector faces a host of different challenges.

One local council facing these challenges head-on is Worcestershire County Council, which has become a pioneer of digital transformation by embracing channel shift. Learn more about Worcestershire County Council’s work in the video below. 

Curious about channel shift? Learn more in “Top 6 Challenges of Channel Shift – and How to Tackle Them”, a new whitepaper from OutSystems. This must-read guide examines in detail the six points of the Digital by Default services standard where radical technical challenges are faced and how the public sector can overcome them. 

Covering everything from agile development and data to keeping up with change, this whitepaper is a vital resource for any organisation looking to build digital services so good their citizens will choose to use them.

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